Application Data

Our applications do not collect, store or distribute your personal data

Our applications have features for you to extract data to locations you stipulate.

We have built our applications to be run “without” internet connections and store all your local data on your machine using standard storage connections.

For Power Query Data Refresher and for Power Query Data Refresher Pro we do allow you to stipluate a File path to have data extracts stored.

Additonally For Power Query Data Refresher Pro we do allow you to siptulate a database connection to insert store your data for logging purposes as that may be more performant.

None of the data extracts, or mcode or any other data is shared sent to transmitted by the use of Power Query Data Refresher.


We do not collect your peronal data on this site.

We do not use cookies for marketing or personal identfication

If you submit comments or use the support ticket features , you then consent to providing that information by virtue of the fact that you deliberatly wanting us to use your contact detials to contact you back.