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How to Install and Use Power Query Data Refresher

Ensure your data is accessible and fully available for development and transformation, using a well-known tool: Microsoft Excel.

Using key principles—which you can learn in our courses—you can use a new Excel feature called Power Query to refresh your data, and then keep it refreshed automatically with no macros needed using our tool.

Our tool will enable you to build dynamic, scalable, re-usable ETL structures using MS Excel, with the following benefits:

Benfits of the Power Query Data Refresher

  • Easily understood strucutures – using tools you already familear with (Excel)
  • High levels of data access. Your data is in your hands and sharable by your team.
  • Low Cost (simple build tree and refresh) features all using Microsoft Excel.
  • Highly reusable, allowing you to build efficient data flows that can share data sources easily.
  • Increase Automation, by using logical component parts you will be able to increase automation through complementary tools like Power BI, Power Apps, Teams, and the Power Platform.

Benefits of Power Query Data Refresher Pro

By using the Pro tool, you will be able to do the above and…

  • Schedule your refreshes
  • Extract Logs of outputs and datasets
  • Monitor your mCode changes
  • Extract your mCode for evidence of change control
  • Automatically import data into Python and build dynamic packages ready to work with your Python projects.

Other Benefits of using this solution for ETL

  • Power Query is a high-performance tool from Microsoft with well-managed memory and CPU aspects.
  • The tool is secure in your own environment, so does not send data externally, and is not in the cloud. Pro has an option to write to the mCode to a database in your own firewall to improve efficiencies.
  • The tool uses your own credentials, so no “shared” passwords.
  • The tool is very tactile and easy to implementation or with low maintenance costs.
  • The tool is a great start to learning how to build Data Flows using Power Query.

Here are some problems Power Query Data Refresher solves:

  • Stale Data (Which could have reputational damages)
  • Need for complex excel macros
  • Hidden or incorrect changes without backups.
  • Upstream Erroneous data
  • Complicated restrictive environments
  • Complex transformations
  • Multiple Differing data sources without Server Connectivity